The Ellen Miller Riding School was founded by Ellen Miller with many of the same principles of the American Dressage Institute in mind, and with Catie’s help, has grown over the years into an impressive teaching and training environment.

The purpose of dressage, simply a French word for the “training” of the horse, is kept alive here in the true sense. We are committed to the welfare of the horse and making him a happy, sound, athlete that can be productive in his/her career for decades. We have started many young horses and two of our FEI horses are still going strong at 20 years of age. Our horses cross train over fences and caveletti, can hack out on the road, enjoy turnout, and even an occasional gallop in the fields, Vermont weather permitting.

We believe that any horse and rider can benefit from “dressage” and we can tailor a training program to meet any serious rider’s goals and needs. In a world where everything is fast paced and results and gratification are expected to be instant, we have created an environment where we take our time and truly develop the strength and beauty of the horse, preserving and enhancing his natural way of going and therefore keeping our horses sound and healthy into old age.

The horse as a species has given humanity so much and deserves to be treated with respect, worked with attention and thought, cared for in detail, and retired appropriately at the end of his/her career. This careful, classical way of “being” with horses is preserved here at Constance Hill Farm by the Ellen Miller Riding School.